Vinyl Liner Pools

Always dreamed of having your own swimming pool?
Well, Valley Pools is here to make your dreams come true!

Valley Pools offers a wide variety of beautiful Vinyl Liner Pools that will turn your backyard into a beautiful oasis.

Excavate and run lines for vinyl pool liner Excavate and run lines for vinyl pool liner Build frame for vinyl pool liner

Set the Fiberglass pool shell into the excavated whole Build Frame for decking around vinyl pool Build Frame for decking around vinyl pool
Pour standard concrete decking around fiberglass pool
Upgrade decking to stamped concrete or other decorative concrete solutios
Fill pool, add chemicals and enjoy

Step One Planning:

Your new Vinyl Liner Pool Construction begins by contacting Valley Pools. The owner, Ronny Hughes, will then come out and determine the type of pool design that best fits your application and swimming needs. You will then choose from the wide selection of Tara Liners to meet your taste and swimming needs. See Below for a sample of available liner designs.

Next the footprint of your swimming pool will be spray painted on the ground per the actual pool plan to give you a visual representation of what final pool installation will look like in your yard.

If you are going to make any swimming pool design changes, this will be the time to do them.

Step Two Construction

After the planning has been approved by the owner, we come out and dig your swimming pool.

The next step is to assemble the steel walls and level them and pour a concrete footing at the base of the walls. The skimmer, returns, and lighting are inserted into the walls and all plumbing connections are made.

A very important step is to shape the bottom of the pool so that the proper water depth is achieved when the poolcrete is installed. After this is completed we will then backfill/tamp around the swimming pool walls.

Next the concrete decking form boards will be installed to your plans and 3000 to 5000 psi concrete will be poured around the pool completed with a broom finish.

If you want a more decorative finish pool deck, we also offer stamped concrete, flagstone, and decorative concrete solutions. Our decorative concrete solutions are cooler, slip resistant, and lower maintenance than regular concrete designs.

After the decking is installed the Tara Liner of your choice is installed and all plumbing and electrical connections to the pump house are made.

Never maintained a pool before? No worries, we train you on how to operate and maintain your new swimming pool for optimal swimming conditions.

The pool is in the final steps, chemicals are added and pump begins to run. Finally we will instruct you on how to operate and maintain your pool.

Step Three: Enjoyment

Your Pool is now ready for many seasons of enjoyment.

Contact Ronny or Bob today and begin
planning your backyard oasis


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